Tokyo, Japan – Part 2

Going through Tokyo Part 2

Here is the second part of my list of my favorite activities in Tokyo:

Watching Cherry Blossoms
Japan is famous for its Cherry Blossoms. If you are lucky to be in Tokyo during the blossoms, make sure you take in as much of it as possible. Check out the blossoms at Chidorigafuchi, Ueno Park, and Nakameguro. If you are Chidorigafuchi, take the boat ride. The evenings at Ueno Park are a lot of fun. During the blossoms (called sakura), Japenese people go out to the parks in groups. They set up picnic like hangouts called “hanamis” where they hang out, drink, and enjoy the blossoms with friends and loved ones.

World’s busiest intersection is thought to be right outside the Hachiko exit in the Shibuya station. The best view of it could be had from a higher position – lots of those options around the intersection.

Take a day trip
If you are not going to get out of Tokyo for your trip, take a day trip to at least one of these locations – Hakone, Nikko, or Kamakura. These will get you out of the fast-paced Tokyo life and give you a glimpse into another side of Japan.

by Adnan Mahmud

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