I am a marketing professional with a freelance graphic design habit. I enjoy traveling with my wife to warm places! I will post some really random things because that is how my mind works. I will post about marketing, graphic design, vacation, politics, the world, my dog, and just about anything else going on in my world.

My wife and I have suffered the tragic loss of our son, Lukas, who was stillborn in August of 2010. I will certainly write about Lukas and everything that we are going through in dealing with the loss of a child. I don’t want to be a downer but there are few things you can write about in this regard that don’t lean that way…consider this my apology for any emotionally difficult posts. This is my therapy venue.  After we lost Lukas it took a while for us to get back to a sense of normality…we then decided to move on and continue to build our family.  We now have a blessing named Ian running around and we are constantly laughing and trying to keep up with this little man.

After 10 years as the communications and marketing director for a non-profit professional association, I jumped head first into the world of an advertising agency (Pineapple Advertising). It was exciting and fast-paced.  I worked with some brilliantly creative people and built some great advertising campaigns.  The knowledge I gained led me to a new career with a large website development agency (10up) and I am now a senior web strategist working with an amazing team of designers, engineers and strategists to build many of the websites you enjoy each day working with the best site platform around, WordPress.

I am now kicking things to a new direction a bit by adding more consulting style posts about business, client relations, marketing, and design. After coming up on 20 years in dealing with everyone from one-man start ups to Fortune 500 companies I’ve learned a lot and would love to share it with you.

You will learn a lot more about me from my posts…that is kind of the point right?